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Farmstead Roots

Discover the inspiration behind everything that makes us truly unique.

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The Root of Inspiration

Here on the Farmstead, we celebrate two centuries of family farming and a simpler, connected way of life. Our farmhouse dates back to 1807, when Thomas and Nancy Gill first settled in Culleoka, a Land-grant for American Revolutionary War service. Their poplar timbered cabin still stands beside a welling natural spring (Culleoka or "sweet water in the native Chickasaw language).

Today, the Evans' Family continues to work that same land, raising livestock, tending their markett garden and growing grapes in a sustainable way.

Land is regenerative! It demonstrates the ability to weather the storms of life, the persistence of drought and the cold, loneliness of winter and yet spring anew - its the continual revelation that hope springs eternal. Breaking down the past into the most basic elements , integrating it into the soil and providing hope for a new crop.



Garden Sketch

In this way, a farmstead restores the soul; the labor of working the land, the sharing of its bounty with community, and being still in its quiet and meditative midst. Farmstead Roots aspires to encourage this simple cadence of life through meaningful relationships and connection.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the community a hub for the exploration of local wine, food and artisanal goods with a touch of southern hospitality.

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